Beyond tired


I’m exhausted.
But that’s quite logical if you look at the past days I’ve had. Sunday the first time at work > was very hectic. Then I had maybe 5 hours of sleep, then on  my way to therapy. Where I got huge news, which made me cry and the whole stuff (actually I must have cried 4 times Monday).

So today, I’m tired.

Thinking to myself…what do I need right now? I need rest! 🙂
So I’m taking everything slow. No need to do anything.

I am going outside at 5 pm because I am able to get some free legal advice, which I really want one something. But I choose to do that, I am not forced to. So again, the decision is up to me.
And then again, if I am too tired, I can still decide not to go.

It feels good being in control and taking care of my needs.



What a day! (Positive)


What a day.
I did wake up kinda late, but I had enough sleep and felt really rested. (late as in; 3 pm)

I had a few things to do, first of all I wrote an email to my counselor about going back to school, I do want to find something small to start with.

After that I searched the internet for volunteers work and I found some options!! So I think I’m gonna mail tomorrow about the possibilities.

And then after that, (my mum found me some site’s to get some girlfriends… lame I know.. I’m in my 20’s and my mum needs to help me find friends, anyway) I searched some internet site’s for friendship (girls only) and found some nice things 🙂

I feel really good about today 🙂 Did some very productive things!
Glad that’s still possible!


Taking the rest I think I need

Hello peeps,


It’s not gonna be a long blog this time. I am VERY tired. Had heavy therapy, I’m fine and stable though. Just tired.
Believing in myself, telling myself I’m worth it & I’ll make it through. Because I will.
I feel shaky, but I know I am able to balance. I’m going to take good care of myself by going to bed now. Take the rest I need.
I’ve been a little low at contact with others, no twitter, no wordpress etc. Just some whatsapp.