Two sides

Well hello flu, long time no see

I’m feeling terrible again. Soar throat, coughing, full nose, high temperature, headache. I was sick in March twice, April 0, now May 1. Lets keep it like that.

Anyway, it always has two sides I guess. I had a lovely weekend. Saw the puppy ❀ and had a great sleepover with the girls from my old therapy group. So it actually is the best time to get sick, because being sick right now, means I’ll be better the 24th, and that’s the day I’m going to welcome the puppy home. It’s actually right in between two great things. So I do ‘have the time’ to be sick.

It’s just sucky that it triggers me.

So right now I still am doing everything to keep me balanced. I actually stopped taking the oxazepam, since it’s giving me weird dreams. If I’m having crisis I’m going to take quetiapine (it’s stronger, but ok). I’m sleeping on the couch. Creating everything as save as possible for myself and just giving myself what I need within the possibilities.

For instance, eating popsicle when I want to, carrying my security blanket around me all the time, sleep whenever I feel the need to.


5 thoughts on “Two sides

  1. A cap full of hydrogen peroxide in each ear will shorten a cold significantly. If you do it at the start it’ll get rid of the cold as if you never had it. It works great. I saw a youtube years ago where a Doctor said it worked and I’ve dine it ever since it really works. Feel better

      • Yeah it works great, I’ve had 1, 1 day cold in about 4 years and my son is always bringing colds home from school.

  2. Being sick triggers me too. I was sick a couple weeks ago and by the end had a major set back. I thought I was the only one. I hope you feel better soon! Be safe!

    • Thanks! πŸ™‚ Not feeling a lot better yet, but I am managing a bit better.
      Being sick, and not being able to do anything about it makes me feel helpless and being helpless reminds me of trauma. Because in trauma I was helpless aswell.. not able to do anything.
      Youre not the only one! Hugs πŸ™‚

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