Uncontrollable tears


I just can’t stop crying, not today, not yesterday, not last week.
I don’t think anyone realize, or I don’t think I’m able to express how much I’m hurting.. or how I feel I’m dying inside.


9 thoughts on “Uncontrollable tears

  1. (((hugs))) ouch… I can feel just a teeny tiny portion of your pain that is slipping through this post… I know it barely touches the turmoil you are in… but I can feel it 😦 I am so sorry …. I am holding you in my thoughts xxxxx

  2. I want to tell you this too shall pass. But not before I say I’m praying. I love Bourbon’s way of saying, she can feel a tiny bit of your pain. I too can feel a bit of your pain in this post. 😦

  3. God bless everybody.
    Life is something ay.
    I’m hoping you will one day soon be able to acknowledge the inner strength you have.
    God gives the hardest work to his strongest & bravest.

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