Immunity problems



I remember writing about immunity and trauma and how it might get affected and it got me thinking.

At this exact moment I’m experiencing flu symptoms, AGAIN. I’ve got a terrible headache, my throat is raw, a running nose, and my muscles hurt all over my body.
Well, a little trip down memory lane people! Body reminders, like flu, are triggers. So I am riding the trigger-rollercoaster right now. And just to make it all a little bit more fun, I have to work in 3 hours!

Of course canceling could be an option, I mean, call in sick. But you know, pussy as I am, I’m just too afraid to do that. What if they won’t believe me? I’m still in my ‘trial period’, even though it’s volunteers work, I really like it there! I don’t want to get send away. So I’ll just have to suck it up, and go do what I have to do.

Realizing that, Brenda starts (well, not starts, she was already whining) freaking out.

I tried stuffing some dinner into myself, which didn’t work. It turned out into me crying all over my dinner and calling my mom (who didn’t answer her phone), right now I’m not crying as loud as I was before, just tears streaming down my face silently.

Honestly? I feel helpless.

Please, NOT AGAIN.

It hasn’t even been a month since I have been sick. This will be the second time in 1 month!


9 thoughts on “Immunity problems

  1. i dont know anything for a fact, but it sure seems likely that body memories, triggers, and trauma/abuse are somehow related in the brain, causing ‘false’ sickness, except its not false in any way you can point to, so you can’t just make it stop.

    i hope you get to feeling better real soon, whatever the cause!

  2. Oh you poor thing 😦 again so soon? My therapist lent me her bottle of citricidal which helps her GREATLY in combating a sore throat and stopping germs in their tracks. Look it up (and feel free to ask me any questions) – I bought my own bottle now because I think its miracle juice!! Just tastes absolutely ming but then most things that help do!! Hope you feel better soon xox

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