100th Blog Post!


So this is my 100th blog post 🙂 ! (Though I’m feeling down, I do want to mention this + end the week positive!)

To be honest I am so glad I started blogging and found a way to let my feelings out, and especially finding people who deal with the same.

I met a very special woman her on WordPress, who turned out to be Dutch as well! She’s become very important to me in the short period of time since we know each other.
So I sort of want to ‘dedicate’ this post to her!

For her intelligence, advice, support, strength. She truly is inspirational 🙂

Thanks for your support and advice!

You are really a clear line for me here on WordPress 🙂

And of course thank you to everyone who reads my blog, comments and/or like’s my posts!
I am very thankful for that, and if you’re wondering if you are part of the people I’m talking/writing about right now… well.. if you’re reading this, you are 🙂
So thank you VERY much!



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