What a day! (Positive)


What a day.
I did wake up kinda late, but I had enough sleep and felt really rested. (late as in; 3 pm)

I had a few things to do, first of all I wrote an email to my counselor about going back to school, I do want to find something small to start with.

After that I searched the internet for volunteers work and I found some options!! So I think I’m gonna mail tomorrow about the possibilities.

And then after that, (my mum found me some site’s to get some girlfriends… lame I know.. I’m in my 20’s and my mum needs to help me find friends, anyway) I searched some internet site’s for friendship (girls only) and found some nice things 🙂

I feel really good about today 🙂 Did some very productive things!
Glad that’s still possible!



2 thoughts on “What a day! (Positive)

  1. This sounds really nice, that is what I writed about in my post. I’m taking some subject and some courses online and it is so fun and helping me in positive ways. Hope you find something you’ll love 🙂 It’s so fun when it actually come good things like this.

    about finding friends is nothing bad, I think thats a good idea and hope you find som good girlfriends ❤

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