Quote; Childhood trauma by Judith Lewis Herman

“Many abused children cling to the hope that growing up will bring escape and freedom.

But the personality formed in the environment of coercive control is not well adapted to adult life. The survivor is left with fundamental problems in basic trust, autonomy, and initiative. She approaches the task of early adulthood――establishing independence and intimacy――burdened by major impairments in self-care, in cognition and in memory, in identity, and in the capacity to form stable relationships.

She is still a prisoner of her childhood; attempting to create a new life, she reencounters the trauma.”
― Judith Lewis HermanTrauma and Recovery



3 thoughts on “Quote; Childhood trauma by Judith Lewis Herman

  1. I have not read your latest book about father/daughter incest. I am afraid to. My experience was a crime against my sleep and memory. Nothing will ever be the same. I dont think people get that, nor siblings. Being thrown out of house when i was 17, prostitution circled around like a shark in my abyss. I am finally in college at 52. My sister has a Psychiatric practice in Sugarland Texas, and is NOT my savior. She is my saboteur. My father is very ill and i speak to him only in this last year. It had been 32 years. Mom–well– jealous, there is no other way to describe it. I have been married for 26 years and thank God, laugh till my belly hurts. I will have to read your book over the Holidays, xmas probably. I need to. Thanks, Diane Keiser Wish you were on twitter. I follow Jane Fonda.

    • Beautiful quote isn’t it? Very recognizable.. 🙂
      However, I’m not Judith Lewis Herman, and as far as I’m aware, she does not read my blog.
      Brave of you to have started college! 😀 It’s never too late.
      Take care!

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