I’m good


It’s really a weird week and everything.
Anyway, right now and today I have been very good actually. I feel so good I’m almost like; I don’t have CPTSD…. I’m normal.
I feel like I’m burning through the skies.. 200 degrees, that’s why they call me Misses Fahrenheit.. I’m traveling at the speed of light 😉
No.. seriously, I am doing really good.
‘Can’t wait’ for therapy tomorrow, back to the save and nice environment there. I don’t really have that much to say.

I’m doing real good. I feel good. I feel I can take on the whole world.
Like nothing can stop me (and a little voice called ‘Rational’ tells me every little thing can stop me).
Tomorrow will be a short day at therapy, I have no individual talks and stuff.

I feel good. Oh damn! Baby boy needs his medicine!
This is so irritating 😛 , it’s hard enough to remember my own medication, and baby boy needs 2 in one day.

Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyy, feeling good. Not thinking too much. I do realize everything that has happened in the past week, and the things I thought and felt, so I do remember that, but it’s like there’s an invisible glass between me and those feelings/thoughts so.. I know they’re there, I just can’t think/feel them. To be honest, I’m ok with that!

So I’m just gonna enjoy my evening. & be happy.


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