Do I have time to breathe?


I am SO busy! It’s actually getting annoying!!
There are a lot of good things happening, volunteers work, my baby’s, meeting people, but it’s getting too much! I don’t even know what to do? It’s like I don’t have any time to breathe.

I don’t know HOW to create time…. I’m not doing much else I guess. But my head is exploding! I have to do this, and that etc……… STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I go on like this, I’ll probably collapse. But I can’t seem to stop? I’m in a car which is going like 200 km/h and I cant get out until the car stops.. I’m not the driver of the car.

Everything is going on in my head. My head is a CHAOS. A beautiful positive chaos. But chaos is never positive… well not with me at least. So the things going through my head are positive, but it’s just too much.

Suddenly I’m sleeping like an angel again, well last night i did. Slept like 11 hours! Wth. Last time that happened I had my crisis medication.

I feel even too busy or too restless to write here. It’s like i have SO much to do. And there isn’t any time to write a blog post.

Ok, gonna end this now. I’m doing ok. Just on speed or something.. and sooner or later its gonna leave my system and I’ll breakdown šŸ˜¦ I don’t want that!!!



5 thoughts on “Do I have time to breathe?

  1. and I feel bad, been hogging up all my energy with my stupid busy head! not really responding here on wordpress and with my bestie, sister.. justy! šŸ˜¦
    Why am i so retarded? like, stop thinking:/ my head is really exploding. I feel like that movie… where youre dancing and you cant stop it…. you know? and you die because of dancing so hard, but your feet just wont stop..

  2. Sweety! I’m happy to read you and me, bestie and sister are aware that people can’t always make time for us. Thats just how it works. Even children learn it’s important to wait sometimes. You have to realize you can be both a good person/friend/sister and not always be available, because people simple can’t be all the time. šŸ™‚

    Then I’m happy to read you are sleeping good. To me it sounds like ‘you’re in the flow’ (so would J. call it) It’s the exact opposite of being preoccupied with negative feelings. It’s like drowning in positivity. It happens when you’ve experienced growth or positive changes in life (such as volontary work and connecting with people more, like you needed and are experiencing now).

    What is important is to take enough rest. Like I said: positive things do cost energy also and you need to recharge in between moments. When feelings are strong, either good or bad ones it’s easy not to feel your boundaries. Try to be aware of them still being there to protect you and take mindful moments during the day to ground yourself. No matter how busy you are, 3 times 5 minutes are always possible. You can even do it when being on the toilet, so…

    Take care sweety!


    • You are right sweety.. It just pains me because I wish I could split myself in pieces give every one of you a piece for help and support..
      Yeah, it’s really weird haha. Had a date today, went ok and was fun, but nothing special.
      Now I feel a lot more rested, tomorrow I decided with a friend of mine i’m gonna make some me-time.. šŸ™‚
      Got a terrible headache now, but will sleep like an angel again I think!
      You take care as well dear ā¤

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