I am at my mums right now. Bless word press on mobile phone :).
The hairdresser is here and she always does my hair aswell. So on the way over here I got a huge list from my mum with topics I can’t discuss with him near. Otherwise he’ll get mad. Well this is just like my dad. Whenever we were home, my mum would call my sister and me together and tell us how we should behave so my dad won’t get mad. (Like don’t play, don’t laugh… Basically; don’t make noise, just be invisible).

So I came here (we were late cause Baby girls appointment at the vet went ‘wrong’. Been there for an hour without success. She was too wild. ) and he was super cranky. I got no ‘hello’ and he’s ignoring me and stuff.
Trying not to get bothered by it. Lets just hope I can go home within 1,5 hours.

Oh.. He’s yelling at the cat. Trigger 😠

Breathe, just breathe..

Anyway, got it off my chest now.
Sorry for grammar and spelling mistakes, my phone does not correct them. I’ll go through the post when I’m home.


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