Spam comments


There is a filter on wordpress, who filters comments on what they think might be spam. I did look at the thing once or twice, but not much (since it was spam). But I had over 100 spam comments, so I looked at it. Unfortunately there are a lot of comments under spam, and I’m not sure why yet.
I’m sorry if anybody got the feeling of being ignored! I did unspam the comments, but if I missed something, feel free to contact me. (Contact-thing is on the ‘about me’ page)

Take care everyone!


Ps. it’s really confusing! Some things seem like spam but aren’t.. and others do make me doubt, because it seems a little weird, but then again, I’m not sure.

2 thoughts on “Spam comments

  1. I had a notice of a bunch of spam as well. When I looked at mine, they really all spam. I did hear from someone else though that they had a ton of regular comments, some from people he knew were already approved, in the spam. So, I think it is just a technical thing. I go through the folder maybe once a week, get rid of all the spam, approve comments and pings.

    • That is a good idea! Going through it once a week.
      Some seem real spam, but some are indeed just comments (with a link in them) but from people I already had approved.
      Peace 🙂

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