I’ll settle for stability


My day has been ok so far. Fell asleep around 4 am, but slept till 11.30 am so I did feel like i got enough sleep. So no nap for me today.
I had an ok day I guess, did have an hour of intense anxiety and being paranoid, but it’s settled down now. I guess this is me stable. Me not feeling much. Me living inside my head and in my own world. It’s not the best and sure I’d want more out of my life. But for now? I’m just glad with this and settle for this kind of ‘stability’. The way I felt yesterday was horrible.. So this is a big improvement. Not thinking about the future, because that will just make me sad again. Right now, today, I’m doing ok. Tomorrow a little television and saturday gonna visit my sister. Looking to saturday (as in 2 day’s ahead) is scary enough. So right now; yeah today I’m ok. Am I happy? No. Am I in a crisis? No. So I’ll settle for this feeling.


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