Betty said yesterday she is still doubting if I wouldn’t be better of at a clinic. Instantly I thought; NO!
I still think like that. But looking at myself now. Lying on the couch, whining like child because I don’t know what to eat for dinner. Then finding some distraction on the internet (something that catches my eye I guess) and within no time whining… distraction… whining… seriously, how old am I? I don’t know yo… Again the issue with me feeling like I’m having too little individual attention, I’m sorry… but I feel like that. Might ask Brandon tomorrow if he has the time to talk. I get the same amount of individual talks like any other girl there though!

Seeing things again. What am I doing wrong? I did sleep a good 2 hours this afternoon I think. Baby girl woke me up, by licking my face.. then sneezing in it -_-

Lost my security blanket somewhere in the house. My house isn’t big, but big enough for it to be lost.

I want my mummy 😦 but whenever she hugs me it triggers me. I want to crawl away in her arms.. but whenever even her foot accidentally touches my leg, i get triggered.

I want grandma 😦 yeah.. I really do



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