I wanna believe you

When you tell me that it will be okay, yeah I try to believe you… but I dont.


Just got back from therapy. Again a cry day.
Well the day went ok, did dissociate in my talk with Brandon, but I was able to tell him, so he got me some water (which i didn’t drink) and talked about silly stuff. After 30 minutes I was able to stand up again. (feel so stupid when that happens 😦 ) and we ended the talk.The other girls were ready aswell so we just started eating lunch.

After that we had a sort of resilience training. But it focusses a lot on your body of course, so Brenda was already very screamy and stuff so I decided to sit on the bench and watch the others. Which was ok.
Then we closed the day with a sort of talk together (we do that every week) with a nurse and I told her I was very scared for the weekend. Because I always seem to slip down. And then I remembered… tomorrow the gynecologist. So I freaked out, bursted in to tears (IN THE GROUP-_-) and couldn’t stop. So I went to Brandon again. We made a plan, i’m gonna call him at 11 am (the appointment is at 11.30) and then we’ll talk again after. We made notes of what I can say (and am able to say), it’s too difficult for me to use some words that literally describe the abuse (especially in Dutch) so I’ll use the word abuse if she asks, but not the dutch word. I just can’t get that out of my mouth.

Paragraph might be triggering!
I am so afraid, I’m sorry, but I am. I know she is a sweet person. Last time I was there (without the narcosis) she was noticing I was in a lot of pain (well I was crying and stuff) and she stopped saying ‘youre in too much pain, I don’t feel good about pushing further’ so she decided to do it with the narcosis the next time. Now I’m still having problems with the stupid IUD well, my stupid uterus. And Brandon told me it would be good for me if I can ask her to look for any ‘damages’ because of the abuse. I’m really going to die if she finds something. I’m sorry for being such a drama queen. But anyway, to find something she’ll have to open up the whole thing. With that stupid thing she uses to open up the whole fucking thing and omg, I freak out by only thinking of it. I think I’m gonna take my security blanket. My mum will be in the waiting room, but I don’t want her in. I do feel its her fault im there in the first place :$ She could help me talk about what happened.. but I don’t know.. I feel too ashamed. Too gross.
I am not crying right now, but I can feel myself holding back the tears. I’m sorry but Brenda is kinda on the background, but she IS crying and it’s weird but i feel her fear and upset-ness.

I’m going to lie in bed for now. I just dont know what else to do. Gonna eat something just to take away the fear. Focus on the damn chips or something. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I’m sorry this is anything but positive, but I’m so scared now. I’m going to read back my last post about how CPTSD feels for me and especially read the positive things and then just go nap for a while with a movie or something like that.



4 thoughts on “I wanna believe you

  1. Sweety,
    You won’t walk in there alone tomorrow. I’m with you with my every thought. Just imagine me holding your hand and telling you it’ll be ok. You can handle this. You’ve been through a lot worse, you handled that! Sweet sweet sweet Bri, I completely understand how hard this will be for you. When I was pregnant with M. I had to go through these things also and it scared me like HELL. I understand what you’re feeling, I know what’s going on in your head.

    Try to find things to find comfort in. Are you familiar with the safe-place and safe-person exercises?

    The security blanket is good. You should keep that with you, also tomorrow!
    It’s very good you thought about a safeplan with brandon and also that you planned what to say to the gyn. If ‘abuse’ is too hard to say, just tell her someone hurt you in childhood and that this brings back memories and pain.

    I’m very proud of you. I’m very happy to know you. I care a lot about you. I am with you. Try to feel this.
    Think of your bestie, think of the last time you laughed your ass of, think of your life story with the happy ending you want it to have. Distract your mind. In just another 20 hours, this is all over. You can do it!

    Looooooads of hugs!

    • Ahh, your comment made me feel so supported!!
      I’ll imagine you next to me! I know it’ll help me
      No I dont know of the safe place/person exercie? Gonna look it up on the internet
      Yes, I was unsure about it, but my bestie also said to me to take it with me in the her room.
      Thanks so much sweety <3333!!
      Big big big hug back!!

  2. You ARE supported. We will be with you!!! 🙂
    Tell me if you’re finding anything useful. I can make another lousy photo for you 😉

    Take good care. I’m thinking about you 🙂
    Tons of hugs back again <3333!

  3. I’m looking for other bloggers that deal with CPTSD and PTSD issues. Do you subscribe to other blogs that I also might connect to? Did you know that there’s a “Blogs I Follow” widget that can list any blogs you are following. Maybe you already have that one on your side bar. I couldn’t find it. I was hoping you might put one up so I can also make connections. Thanks…. anonymous

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