I was feeling lonely, feeling blue..

Hi everyone,

This is going to be a short one as well.
Just wanted to write about that I’m doing better now. I am ashamed of my behaviour 😦 I really am.. I’m so sorry for the people who got hurt by it.
Had therapy today, which was intense but good. Saw Betty very quick, and she gave me feedback on my evaluation from a few weeks ago, and said ‘this is old stuff, I do feel like we’re more on the same page now’. So I’m glad about that.
I went with what I needed for now, which is my security blanket :$ +  a normal blanket. I feel ok with it 🙂
Tomorrow I have to be at 9.50 AM at the doctors for my uterus, which is scary but I’m strong enough and I have a voice so I can speak up. if I don’t feel right with her looking, I don’t have to let her. She wont be able to see anything anyway.
I can do this 🙂 !


Ps. My own doctor is a male, but I spoke with the assistant and she said I should go to the female. The assistant is very nice and sweet, she is very supportive and isn’t judgemental about all the times I’ve come because of self harm. So I decided to go, with her advice, to the female doctor.

5 thoughts on “I was feeling lonely, feeling blue..

  1. Hi dear,
    I’m really happy you are feeling better! Also glad therapy went ok today! Don’t excuse yourself: growth always comes with ups and downs.
    I know how much it sucks to feel blue and vulnerable!
    You are rebalancing now, very good!
    Take good care, especially tomorrow! I will be with you in my thoughts, but I don’t think you need me. You sound strong enough yourself, I’m proud of you!


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