Speaking up!

Hi everyone,

I just want to share a short moment with you, of which I am proud of myself.

I was taking a trip down memory lane with an old classmate who I’m ‘friends’ with, we don’t talk anymore, just about memories and stuff from highschool. It was really funny, and laughing. Β (On Facebook) and then suddenly she wrote something about a teacher, who I had been annoying to. Well, of course, laughing girls from 13/14, giggling about everything, whispering & stuff. However, he did touch me once, I wont go into detail. I believe I did tell that friend later on, but I guess she forgot, or didn’t know that it still bothers me, which is understandable, it’s been years ago.

However, seeing his name there on Facebook, I felt really confronted with it, I became angry again, not just him but for instance my school, I told my mentor, she never did anything. My mum, and she of course didn’t do anything as well. And just how he ruined the rest of the time for me on that school, always afraid of him being there and seeing me, and whenever I saw him, I got the creepiest look ever, it even gives me shivers right now.

So I noticed I was getting angry and upset over a comment on my Facebook page. Then I knew, this doesn’t feel right, I’m gonna do something about it. So I asked that friend in a chat (private) if she was ok with me removing that specific comment because I could feel it was making me angry, I did laugh it off ‘oh that comment makes me want to slap him hahahah’, and so did she saying ‘of course hahaha’, I’m glad she was okay with it. So I did remove the comment and it feels a bit better now. I do realize I made the situation smaller than it is, by laughing about it with her, but at least I got what I needed for now; removing the comment. not seeing it every time I open my Facebook page.

So yeah, I’m proud of myself. It didn’t feel right, i felt that, acknowledged it, and respected myself by taking care of it. Because I do deserve that. (Right?… I’m doubting now 😦 but I wont let myself! I DO deserve it!)

So, my baby step into speaking up πŸ™‚ ! Taking care of myself. Respecting my own boundaries.

5 thoughts on “Speaking up!

  1. GOOD for you! it’s not easy to stand your ground and to let others how you feel! you did stand up for yourself, and the best part of this, you listened inside and knew something wasn’t right and you chose to NOT feel that way. GOOD for you πŸ™‚

    I am new to your blog, and thank you for reading mine as well πŸ™‚


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