Password on a blogpost

Hi everyone,

Although I do strive to be as open as possible. I do want to protect my own boundaries when something doesn’t feel right (yet).
I do have a blog post with very painful information, and just thoughts about somethings. I do want to share it, but it feels too open, to just be here, and for everyone to google and come here. Although I feel embarrassed about it, if someone else would write this, I’d tell her that there is absolutely NO need to be embarrassed about it at all! So I guess I should tell myself that aswell.
So I thought of how to put it here, without it being so open.
There is an option to post something on your blog that is password protected. I’m going to use that. Everyone is free to read it, I’ll put the password in the comment below.
However, its VERY difficult for me, but I want to be open. It’s also very painful and embarrassing, because I do still feel ashamed about everything. Although, that might not be necessary.

I’ll tell you here about the blog post called “Is there any connection between abuse and ‘uterus-problems’?”. It IS triggering. I wont go into detail about the abuse, but I will about the effects and how it made me feel. Which also means, I’ll talk about my periods and how I deal with them. So to some guys/man/girls/women it might be too much or maybe too triggering.
I’ll warn above the post again. But I wanted to put it here aswell.

Think about yourself and if you are able to handle reading it right now. There’s no shame in just skipping it (for now).


7 thoughts on “Password on a blogpost

  1. That is completely understandable. You’re very right! What you share, is a reflection on you and how open you want to appear. God bless you, on speaking about it. It takes more courage than you can imagine.

    • Thanks, your comment really hit me hard. But in a good way! I feel supported by you. Kind of tearing up right now, sweetness of your comment + still a little emotional about what I just wrote. Thanks again, for understanding and supporting!

      • You are most welcome! I understand how you feel, if the circumstance was that others would use your information against you, but it’s in being honest with ourselves and honest with certain people, that make us feel at home…Have some comfort in knowing, that their are still some good people left in this wretched world. Enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well look at you! Keeping with yourself, feeling what you need and acting on that! Very good! Do you realize you are setting very healthy boundaries here, without forcing yourself into keeping secrets..? This is really good!

    You found yourself a safe way to espress yourself, I’m happy about that ๐Ÿ™‚

    I will read your next topic soon dear!

    • Thanks sweety! I’m proud of looking for an option that feels save enough, without keeping secrets, which I do want to talk about!
      You are so right about that ๐Ÿ™‚
      Take your time!!

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