Hi everyone!

I thought a good first blog might be about what CPTSD is. First of all I want to say that this is all from my point of view and how I have been told. If someone disagrees with me, feel free to comment or something, make me aware of what you think is wrong or you disagree about and then we could talk about that. I am always willing to listen to your point of view and see if we can understand each other.

PTSD is a known disorder. Mostly because the people who have been in war, or just in the army and have been to maybe dangerous places could develop ptsd. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So basically it means that you had a traumatic experience which you havent properly processed, because of that you could have all kind of symptoms which disturb your daily life and that is what (I believe) they call a disorder (and in this case a post traumatic stress Disorder). Although I feel people are quite known about PTSD, I feel people overlook some things that are also PTSD-related but have a little bit more symptoms. In my case that’s CPTSD. CPTSD stands for Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Basically it means with PTSD you have experienced a traumatic incident, but it had a clear beginning and end, perhaps you even may have been supported by family and friends to overcome this or help you process this. Things you may think about is a car accident, witnessing a murder, rape, being beat up. As far as I know, it is a one time thing, very painful and stressful of course, but its pretty clear and the science is also pretty clear about the effects and how to process that.

CPTSD often means you had a traumatic experience which lasted for a while. So you can think of being in a war, concentration camps, being abused, bullied and in my case childhood trauma.

CPTSD is different from PTSD as in that its a little bit more complex, you can experience more symptoms, it can be harder to diagnose because of the other symptoms you have which can relate to other ilnesses (such as eating disorders, borderline, psychosis). Besides the treatment is different as well, and takes up more time.
By the way, I do believe someone can have CPTSD AND an eating disorder/borderline etc.

Ofcourse I would never say CPTSD is worse than PTSD. However I feel people might not understand CPTSD because of the things you might hear of PTSD. Also I think there’s very little information on the internet and I would like to share my thoughts and struggles while I’m dealing with CPTSD. Maybe someone can relate, or a family member/parter might recognize some things and it will be able to talk about things.

This for now.
I’ll write another blog soon!



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